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Southern California Edison offers a refund of $2.80* per watt installed

Department of Water and Power offers a refund of $3.50* per watt  on installed in 2006 or for a preinstalled system with refund in 2006

The state of California offers 7.5%* State Tax credit

[* As of May 2005, subject to change]


Why Solar Energy?

At first glance solar energy is not as cost-effective as grid power. So why choose it? Because it is the cleanest and most environmentally friendly source of energy available at this time. Unlike power lines with possible harmful effects produced by the electromagnetic fields, it is completely safe for the human body and it is a free, permanently self-renewing energy source especially valuable when grid power is not available

I wish I could provide you with a $1000 solar system that could power your whole house and obsolete your $50 a month electric bill. Unfortunately, at this time that is a technical impossibility. What I can offer you is a system that covers your needs from basic to elaborate for a reasonable price.

Residential & Commercial Systems  are not a kits but ready to operate systems which are completely installed in your home or business with enough power to fulfill all or partial of your electrical needs.

Solar Kits have solar panels which recharge the batteries during sunlight. They have a battery for reserve for those times when you need more electricity than the panel can deliver or for a cloudy day. The Kit Systems are complete, easy to assemble and installed in a few hours without need for permits, hard wiring or expensive remodeling.

Battery Back-Up Kits supply electricity only when your regular power is gone. They need to be recharged from your home power or a generator. They are not solar systems but an auxiliary power source that supplies your electrical needs strictly from batteries.

Calculate Your Kit Size Detailed information on calculating your systems generating capacity and ability to sustain a variety of loads.

Parts & Specials. Inverters, solar panels, batteries and miscellaneous parts.


Residential & Commercial Systems 

 Solar Kits

Battery Back-Up Kits

Calculate Your Kit Size

Parts & Specials

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